Our Group

Our Group

Our highly experienced team are ready to rise to the most demanding challenges of our automotive customers.

As part of The Eastern Polymer Group (EPG) our detailed technical knowledge of polymers and plastics enables
us to be a recognized leader in the design, development and production of accessories for the automobile industry.

The Eastern Polymer Group of Companies consists of

Aeroklas Co., Ltd (AEROKLAS)

  • An auto accessories manufacturer recognized both locally and overseas. Fully capable in product design,
    Production tooling,materials engineering manufacturing All accessories are produced to world class standards
    and hence the company has gained the confidence of the world’ s leading auto manufacturers.

  • Aeroflex Co., Ltd. (AFC)
  • Aeroflex Co., Ltd. is the solely world major manufacturer of thermal insulation using
    Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) which the company invents and continually conducts research
    and development; this invention is guaranteed with many patents, and expanded its sales to more than 100 countries across the world.

  • Esatern Polypack Co.,Ltd (EPP)
  • Eastern Polypack’s main business is manufacture and distribution of disposable plastic packaging
    for food and beverage, for example, drinking cups, food containers, plates, and bowls.
    All products are manufactured under the trademark of “EPP”.

  • EPG Innovation Center Co.,Ltd (EIC)
  • EPG Innovation Center Co., Ltd. (EIC) conducts the research and
    development and testing for the materials and products, including calibration.
    EIC is an important organization supporting the research and development of EPG

  • Aeroflex Polymer Technologies (APT)
  • Eastern Polymer Group Public Company Limited incorporated Aeroflex Polymer Technologies (Shanghai) Limited (APT)
    in order to support production and distribution of 3 businesses afore mentioned to ensure efficiency in business operation.

  • Our Joint Venture Partner

    Tokai Eastern Rubber (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
    •Investment in Tokai Eastern Rubber (Thailand) Co., Ltd. for manufacturing of shock absorbing rubber and fuel hoses for motorcycles.

    IZeon Advanced Polymix Co., Ltd.
    •This business is production and distribution of rubber compound for natural and artificial rubber used in various industries.

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